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The Mastodon M60-F Forestry Mulcher is designed to make quick work of the toughest mulching jobs. The M60-F features enhanced mulching speeds made possible by the Mastodon feed control cutting system which provides the cutting performance of sharp steel with the maintenance-free longevity of carbide.

The M60-F is driven by a Rexroth bent-axis piston pump combined with an industry leading direct drive train that requires no tuning to the skid steer.






  • Required Flow (GPM): 24GPM
  • Dimensions: 80”W 47”L 45”H
  • Weight: 2100lbs
  • Cutting Width:  60” 
  • Number of Carbides: 30
  • Tree Size: 1”-8” Continuous, 12+ Intermittent
  • Mulch Control: Ajustable Breaker Bar
  • Motor: 107cc Rexroth Piston







Mastodon M60-F

  • Features:

    • Industry Leading Skid Steer Compatibility
    • High-Flow 24+GPM
    • Performace Tooth and Impact Tooth Options
    • Ground Level Cutting
    • 1800 RPMs
    • Direct Drivetrain 
    • Single Point Remote Grease Cabinet
    • Replaceable Skid Plates 
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*Manufacturers Suggested Retail  

**Prices shown as suggested retail.  pricing may be changed at any time without further notice. We reserve the right to change our product's prices at any time without further notice. 

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