The TB-01 Tree Puller/Root Grubber allows operators to quickly and easily remove trees up to 7" in diameter roots and all. The TB-01 makes use of a unique curved design that uses the skids steers tilt function to pry trees out generating maximum pulling force in every application. When the tines of the TB-01 are closed the attachment becomes a root grubber to break roots making it possible to pull larger trees with minimal effort.



  • Required Flow 12+
  • Dimensions: 48"L 46"W 45"H
  • Tine construction: 1" Steel
  • Tree Size: 7" Diameter
  • Weight: 700lbs


  • Features

    • Works on standard flow
    • 1" tine thickness
    • Removable limb guard standard
    • Houses and couplers included
    • Hidden cylinder prevents damage
    • Replaceable digging tips
    • 18" double serrated jaw opening
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