The Turbo Mulcher drum-style mulching attachment is designed to be the most durable mulcher in the industry.  Featuring a high strength frame, machined billet bearing housing and double carbide hammer teeth, The Turbo Mulcher can withstand extended work cycles with minimal maintenance.

Unlike conventional mulchers the Turbo Mulcher has a direct drivetrain with no belts, this puts all available power directly to the drum, increasing power and torque, while reducing maintenance and moving parts.  Because of the Torque provided by the direct drive the Turbo Mulcher reaches peak efficiency at a lower rpm,  allowing for Industry leading spool up times and a forgiving torque curve throughout the RPM range; this produces consistently fast mulching times and high quality finished material.



  • Required Flow (GPM): 30GPM
  • Dimensions: 84”W 43”L 58”H
  • Weight: 2200lbs
  • Cutting Width:  60” 
  • Number of Carbides: 30
  • Tree Size: 1”-8” Continuous, 12+ Intermittent








  • Features:

    • Industry Leading Skid Steer Compatibility
    • High-Flow 30+GPM
    • Double Carbide Hammer Teeth
    • Ground Level Cutting
    • 1800 RPMs
    • Direct Drivetrain 
    • RPM Gauge for Performance Monitoring
    • Single Grease Point
    • Replaceable Skid Plates 
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