The Turbo Saw is the ideal land clearing solution for any compact tractor with at least 28 horsepower and a 540 PTO.  The Turbo Saw is capable of safely and efficiently removing up to 12” diameter trees at or below ground level leaving a clean smooth stump.  The Turbo Saw features an integrated pushing bar that easily directs the fall of the tree away from the tractors cab, add the optional hydraulic grapple feature and the Turbo Saw doubles its productivity.  Allowing the attachment to cut trees and then drag them to the burn pile in one easy process.  



  • Required Horsepower: 28hp
  • Recommended Horsepower: Range 28hp-75hp PTO
  • Blade Diameter: 32"
  • Tree Diameter: 1”-12”
  • Stump Grinding Depth: Up to 1"
  • Cut-Rate: 3-6” Per Second
  • Weight: 625llbs W/O Grapple (810bs W/Optional Grapple)



  • Features:

    • Works On 28HP Tractors
    • Carbide Tipped Blade
    • Stump Grinding 1" Below Ground
    • Integrated Pushbar
    • Optional Hydraulic Grapple
    • Built In Slip Clutch
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