The Turbo Saw TQ is designed to operate on standard flow skid steers providing landowners with a dependable, productive land clearing solution. Cut smooth below ground stumps or roll the boom back to trim limbs along fencerows. The TQ Turbo saw features a forgiving high torque drivetrain and a high strength carbide tipped blade capable of easily powering through any species of tree.



  • Horsepower requirement 45-75hp
  • Required Flow: 15-24GPM
  • Dimensions: 90"L 46"W 45"H
  • Blade Diameter: 30”
  • Tree Size: 1”-12”+ Diameter
  • Optional 90 Degree Manual Rotator
  • Optional Herbicide Sprayer System
  • Weight: 650lbs (695lbs W/Optional Rotator)


  • Manual Rotate: +$2800.00

    ​​​​​​Herbicide Sprayer: +$500.00


    • Standard Flow 15-24 GPM
    • 30" Carbide Tipped Blade
    • Stump Cutting to 1" Below Ground
    • Optional Herbicide Sprayer System
    • Optional 90 degree manual rotate
    • Hoses and Couplers Included
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