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The ALL-NEW 2023 TS5 Cutting System

Introducing the TS5 the third-generation carbide cutting system from DFM.
TS5 represents a major leap in tree cutting technology with dramatically improved performance and durability. TS5 teeth are larger and more efficient than the previous generation with a more

aggressive cutting angle. TS5 blades are designed to reduce binding and feature forged 4-sided socket that locks the tooth to the mounting block to resist bolt loosening. The TS5 system fits on all 
Turbo Saws models.  

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TS5 Features:
•  More efficient cutting angle
•  AR400 blade
•  Fewer Teeth
•  Faster cutting speed
•  Reduced binding
•  Lower cost
•  20% larger cutting edge
•  More economical to run
•  Deeper bolt recessing 
•  4 sided anti-twist lock design
•  Nord-lock washers

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