4.5 sec



ECU processes per second


Variable piston motor

*Pictured in Safety Orange


Presenting the all-new 2020 Turbo Mulcher EV with smart drive technology.

The industries only ECU controlled mulching attachment. The Turbo Mulcher EV offers the highest performance of any mulching attachment ever produced for skid steers and compact track loaders. The EV comes standard with the largest displacement variable piston motor ever developed for the application and combines this with our patented Velocity cutting system to produce the world’s most capable mulching package.   Spec for spec there is no mulching attachment on the market that comes close to competing with the Turbo Mulcher EV.  Faster, stronger, and smarter, the Turbo Mulcher EV outclasses the competition and dominates the world of high performance land clearing.


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Available in 60" and 74" cutting width


The Turbo Mulcher EV utilizes ECU smart drive system which constantly monitors and instantly adapts the variable piston pump from 32cc to 160cc producing the highest power output in the industry and accelerating the rotor to a universal top speed of 2500rpms. This immense power is put to the rotor through our exclusive direct drivetrain system, which eliminates the use of belts and pulleys.      


The Turbo Mulcher EV is designed to excel in the harshest mulching applications, to achieve this, we have engineered the toughest driveline ever produced. Two massive 150mm bearings support the rotor protecting the entire drive system from lateral and radial shock loads associated with forestry mulching.

In addition all hubs, bearing housings, and driveline covers are made of machined billet  high alloy steel.


The Turbo mulcher EV E-tech smart drive system features an exclusive in cab attachment monitor with touch screen controls, this allows operators real time feed back of every vital mulcher parameter including RPM's, pressure, heat, unit hours and consumable life.  This system is blue-tooth enabled to allow any logged faults to be sent via the operators cell phone directly our technicians, ensuring the industries fastest diagnosis and repair. 


Utilizing E-Tech the Turbo Mulcher EV syncs and adapts to any high flow machine.  All of the adjustments are done via the onboard monitor allowing the mulcher to be setup in seconds with computer-controlled precision. Aiding in the accuracy the Smart Drive monitor has a built-in digital pressure and flow reading function accurate to 1 tenth of a GPM and 1 psi.  Not only does this function optimize the the motors setting to perfectly sync to the carrier’s power output, operators can also use these functions to easily determine if the carrier itself is functioning properly.


The E-tech smart drive in cab monitor boasts a number of technical features to increase operator productivity including a power optimizer gauge. The power optimizer combines the ideal attachment pressure with the ideal attachment rpms to provide a truly intuitive operating experience.      

In-Cab Touchscreen Controller


The Turbo Mulcher EV comes standard with an exclusive

two-mode cutting chamber giving operators fingertip control of the size of mulch produced and the degree of broadcasting desired.

When the door is open the breaker bar swings out of the way allowing for an open cutting chamber for faster production and more broadcasting.

Perfect for right-of-way applications. 

When the door is closed the breaker bar swings to within 1/8" of the cutting teeth instantly adapting for fine mulch quality and less throw debris. 

Ideal for site prep and urban settings.


The door features a rugged hidden cylinder design that houses all components within the frame preventing damage and insuring lasting reliability.

The Turbo Mulcher EV comes equipped with our Patented Velocity Cutting System featuring the worlds fastest carbide.  Velocity is the only tooth with a built-in bite limiter completely eliminating the necessity of using steel teeth or depth rings.  Velocity achieves planer performance with the strength and longevity of tungsten carbide.









 Unlike traditional ring style bite limiting systems which add hundreds of pounds of power robbing weight to the rotor.  The patented bite limiting tooth used in the Velocity system keeps the rotor weight to a minimal, allowing for the fastest recovery times in the industry.  



DFM Yellow

Jet Black

Safety Orange

Steel Grey

Specifications:         EV-60         EV-74

Cutting widths:   

Required Horsepower:

Motor displacement:

Number of Carbides:


Trees Size:    

Rotor RPM:    

Rotor spool up:

Rotor stop time:

In cab monitor included:


      60"                        74" 

75hp-200hp       75hp-200hp

     160cc                   160cc

      30                         37 

  2250lbs               2500lbs  

     1-15"+                   1-15"+

  2500rpm             2500rpm

 4-7 seconds        4-7 seconds

 3-4 seconds        3-4 seconds

      Yes                      Yes

$42,000.00        $45,000.00



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A Letter from the Founder 

To My Valued Customers,


My name is Patrick Dougherty and I am the Founder and CEO of Dougherty Forestry Manufacturing. I have always had a passion for performance, efficiency, and technology. I started this company in 2003 to market and sell my equipment designs.

     Two years ago I began a new project that would eventually become the Turbo Mulcher EV.  When I started I knew I wanted to design a mulching attachment that was a game changer. Not some warmed over redesign from 20 years ago but something that was truly new and that would be a real value to my customers.

      The list of what I wanted in the mulcher was short. It needed to be faster than all current mulching heads, have a more powerful driveline, and finally it needed to be easy to operate. It has taken two years for me to complete my goal, but I have achieved all I set out to do and more.

     I am exceptionally pleased to introduce my all new Turbo Mulcher EV. I hope you all enjoy the Mulcher, your loyalty and support made it possible for me to bring it to market.

     If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.




All DFM attachments are proudly manufactured in America's heartland at our factory in Hinton, Oklahoma.


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